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This is an example of luxury apartment which has 300 sq. m.

The design short depiction:

One-level apartment in a one of luxury and prestigious new-buildings in Moscow, with the common space of 300 sq.m.. Task for engineering works submitted multi-purposed technical solution based on the universal communicative network, uninterruptable power supply of the networks and other important service-provider equipment. The solutions for the task were evaluated, meeting the “Noise level 0” standard requirements, project successfully build and launched in strict accordance with the technical documentation. After the launch in 2013 April, systems display perfect picture of quality and reliability.

In this project the following features:

Internal phone network is connected to the city’s phone line of the apartment, in conjunction with the IP phone lines. The apartment is covered with the wireless phone network which is based on WI-Fi, with the assigned numbers for the wireless phones. Intercom is connected with the phone network, thus there is a possibility to answer the door calling, over the intercom on the phone in an apartment, and outside of the apartment on the cell phone. No more difference between phone and computer jacks or sockets, each socket is good to connect with the corded phone, computer or game console, even IPTV console or any other device which needs internet or phone usage. Also the remote administration of telephony is realized and possible.

Internal computer network has different connections with the Internet, having a goal to double it, to have one as a reserve (dedicated optical line and ADSL). Each room is good to connect at least one corded computer line, obtain access to internal network resources (video, scheduling, home theater equipment, network storage), common printer, scanner, MFD etc. Any devices which use corded or cordless network (game consoles, players, data storages, peripheral devices, Apple TV, Cameras, Acoustics etc.) could be interconnected between themselves and connected to the network by the corded or cordless way. Entire apartment is covered by the seamless and cordless WI-FI technology. Security of connections is provided by the reliable encryption and software updates, performed on the regular basis.

Video surveillance system. 9 internal IP cameras with the HD picture, 1 video intercom camera. Recoded files could be played on each computer which is inside the internal network, also, there is a possibility for remote access of the recorded surveillance from all over the world’s computers. As recorded files and direct camera image. Also, there is a possibility to have an image from the cameral on one of the channels of local network TV-channels. Some of the internal cameras could be turned off by the owners as needed; this function is realized by means of the PeraoKey solution.

Signaling system includes security alarm, fire alarm and drain alarm.

TV signal distribution network. Each TV accepts signals from Satellite TV, air TV, DVB-T (digital air-TV), IPTV as well as video from the surveillance cameras. IR network of data transmission allow to remotely control BD/DVD, satellite receivers and acoustic systems, these functions are realized in order to hide all devices in the embedded furniture.

Intercom system is connected with the phone network and video surveillance recoding security system.

Network devices, security systems and video surveillance have uninterruptable power solution with the high quality which is easy to control. These technical solutions are controlled and maintained remotely. All devices, its allocation, output points and design are coordinated with the engineer and architect service.

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