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Object "Small office"

The design short depiction:

The house early XX century, building company office area of 100 sq. m.

In this project the following features:

Local telephone network, connected to 2 external telephone lines plus IP- telephone lines. All the area covering with mini-cellular telephone network reserving all the telephone numbers; means of inserting to all the sockets as analog as well as digital telephones of high comfort. Different options of the network operation are provided. Joint number capacity compatible with that of for situated houses and offices (VPN). Communication with door-interphones and electric locks and remote opening them using the telephones of internal telephone network. Remote Pex administrating has been realized.

The internal computer network is connected to the Internet. In each of the rooms you can connect to this network any wire computer and have an access to all the resources of the internal network; any other devices can be connected such as printer, scanner and so on. All the area of your flat is covered with wire-less, "Wi-Fi- b-g" network.

Signaling system includes security and fire systems as well as leakage signaling. When security alarm signal comes, the light is switched on inside the proper rooms.

All the network equipment, security systems and video-control are uninterruptedly supplied with power. All the complex equipment is maintained remotely, all the chosen equipment, its distribution as well as the points of outlet are in consultation with the customer.

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