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Home Theater, Acoustics and Multi-Room Systems Project

The home theater and acoustics project is one of the most demanded components of a building intellectualization project, a guarantee of comfort, quality, reliability and ease of use of the system built. The cinema system in a simple or developed form now exists in almost every apartment or house.


What is a home theater? This is a rather vague concept today, but most people understand this as a set of various technical and software tools for watching movies and listening to music. In one case it can be a large hall with a projector and a developed multi-channel audio system, in the other - just a virtual reality helmet with integrated headphones, in the third - a TV with stereo sound. All systems are designated as a home theater. Anyone who was, at least once, in a public cinema surely noticed the high quality of sound and video which significantly surpasses household entertainment systems. That is why many people think about building such a cinema system at home, in an apartment, and even an office, and making the characteristics of entertainment systems as professional as possible. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to achieve such a result on your own, so it is better to entrust the design and selection of equipment to a professional. The home theater project takes into account many aspects, such as customer requirements, the premises, its configuration and materials used, furniture and fittings layout, the presence of windows, doors, individual characteristics and needs of the audience. Even a high-budget audio system may sound poorly in case of improper installation and preparation of the room. Incorrectly sized TV or projector screen diagonal can cause severe headaches and visual impairment. Some imaging technologies can cause nausea or fatigue. Therefore, both convenience, comfort, mood, pleasure, and also health depend on the home theater project quality.

Today, entertainment systems have become much more developed than a few years ago: webcasts, video on demand, advanced games, virtual reality tools, voice assistant and control from a smartphone, including automation of processes, curtains, lighting, etc. The equipment performance has also changed: micro satellites (compact speakers), interior speakers (acoustics styled as a general interior design), architectural “invisible”, built-in and landscape (outdoor) acoustics. All this both provides excellent sound, and fully preserves the architectural design of the interior, exterior, and landscape. Thanks to the motorization, you can change the configuration and purpose of the room; in a matter of seconds, the laconic bedroom turns into a luxurious cinema, and the multi-room system makes the bathroom a premium Spa resort, a center of relaxation and pleasure.

It can be exactly argued that projects are now more complex and comprehensive, quality implementation requires much more skills and knowledge than before. Today, it is not enough to have just a good ear to choose a high-quality audio system; it requires the development of the terms of reference and a project, coordination with the designer and acoustic calculations, ensuring compatibility with a huge number of different equipment. It is necessary to consider the delivery terms and the possibility of ordering and servicing, perform a large number of other operations and works. That is why the home theater project is no less complex and important than any other.

Our specialists will be happy to offer services from consultation to the "turnkey" implementation of home theaters and multimedia rooms.

Necessary in the following cases::

• When building a new home theater, speaker system
• When upgrading the deployed home theater, speaker system
• When connecting new devices to the home theater, speaker system

You get:

• A home theater, speaker system which can support all audio and video formats, video telephony, notifications, video surveillance, intercom, with guaranteed quality
• A home theater, speaker system which fully meets your needs as stated before design
• A home theater, speaker system built according to the standards and requirements of the equipment manufacturer
• Only the necessary equipment to meet your needs
• Availability to easily change the home theater, speaker system for new tasks
• Full set of working documentation


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