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Video surveillance system Project

A video surveillance system project is one of the main components of a security system project, its key component. A fully implemented video monitoring system can save lives, enhance the sense of security, scare away uninvited guests, lower the cost of insurance.


Despite the rapid growth in the production of equipment for video surveillance, the improvement of its parameters, the volume of thefts and unlawful actions does not reduce, but redistributes as follows: facilities equipped with video control and other automated security systems are less exposed to risk, while facilities devoid of technical means to resist crime are more exposed to risk. Since the scope of criminal manifestations does not decrease, the attention of the underworld falls on the facilities that are not technically protected.

Today, more and more facilities are equipped with video recording complexes, and facilities without security systems are becoming easy, desirable prey for a criminal. It is not surprising that many people pay special attention to a video monitoring system project, even at the building design stage. A properly designed system will both minimize the risks of any unlawful actions, and also can provide additional income, reduce the cost of property insurance, improve the quality of staff’s work, provide additional control of employees, and give confidence in the future.

The needs of various customers differ, office, clinic, railway station, park, village, cafe, club, stadium, production, hotel, museum, bus, yacht, house, apartment, etc., each facility has its own specifics, and the result depends on the designer, the project and its implementation. Whether it is necessary to control the babysitter and secure the children, identify unscrupulous employees, find or scare off the thief, prevent sabotage – video monitoring is the ideal solution to all these problems. Designing a video monitoring system includes developing and creating documentation for all assemblies related to the system, as well as plans for covering the territory and premises with video monitoring. As part of the integrated design of the building intellectualization system (CRM, fire alarm, access control system, Intercom, TV, Telephone, VPN, Internet, etc.) will allow both saving and obtaining a number of additional exclusive functions:

1) Connecting the Intercom camera to the video monitoring system. You can keep an archive of visitors eliminating the need for an additional camera.
2) Broadcasting images from cameras to the Intercom panel to control the situation on the stairs, in the yard, just before going outside your home or office.
3) Broadcasting video from cameras to the TV network of the facility to check the situation through any TV connected to the network, quickly organizing a video monitoring post, where necessary.
4) Connecting the security and fire alarm system to the video monitoring system allows changing the algorithms of video monitoring system, fire alarm system and access control system depending on the occurrence of events in each of them, make emergency calls, ensure privacy, enable forced recording, etc.
5) Local or remote access from devices running Apple iOS and Google Android (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy, edge, Pixel, etc.).
6) Remote access via the Internet with VPN technology allows connecting to the system from anywhere in the world, with a bank security level.
7) Connecting the CRM system to video monitoring provides unsurpassed quality of customer service, the facial recognition system provides accurate identification and notification, both of the arrival of an important customer and an unwanted visitor.
8) Connection of the video monitoring system with workplaces and their equipment (cash registers, POS-terminals, office PCs, banking workplaces, currency counters and detectors, etc.). This solution allows both recording the actions of employees and customers, and also recording the data from the devices at the workplaces. For example, it is possible to get a video of the cashier’s working day with an embedded copy of the cash register data.

Modern video surveillance solutions (Panasonic and Cisco) have great potential, for example, an IP camera can provide continuous broadcasting, recording in 4K resolution, 64 frames per second, and shooting in pitch darkness. The project aims to identify the needs of the customer, his/her family, business, enterprise, and create such a configuration that would allow to solve all his/her tasks. Not just the sale and implementation of the system, selection of a configuration that exactly matches the individual needs of the customer, covering them and not containing anything in excess. For example, the depth of the archive of records is not limited and rests only on the customer's capabilities.

The use of modern products can both prevent raising the project cost, but on the contrary make it cheaper, for example, a single fish-eye camera replaces several common cameras, more efficiently use the recording space, has additional features like a 360 degree video panorama, integration of a network microphone (16 channels) which provides clear audio recording, anywhere in the room.

In its solutions, Perao relies on the products of world leaders, Panasonic and Cisco, the components used therein; and the technologies are widely used by professionals, for example, the film industry. The image has a Hollywood quality, and large-scale production provides an affordable price. Our partnership and trust in us is supported by extended warranty period of 5 years.

Perao follows current trends, in order for our customers to use solutions of the future, to make a profitable investment in tomorrow. For example, we built systems with remote access via the Internet 13 years ago, and today this solution is completely competitive with market offers. Our goal is to provide the customer with the best, to make the project relevant in the next decade, to build a reliable, high-quality solution for the future with many convenient features, one of which is data cloud storing. Cloud surveillance provides both excellent performance, security, reliability, and also ensures low cost of ownership of such a solution.

We have extensive experience in building a wide variety of systems, from small apartments to large enterprises, without monitoring posts or with a multitude thereof, whether analog or IP cameras, stationary or robotic. By entrusting your project to us, you can be confident in the result.

Necessary in the following cases::

• To reduce the cost of the insurance company rate.
• To reduce the risk of unlawful acts.
• To keep statistics of visitors.
• To record the actions of employees with a device screenshot at the workplace (PC, cash register, banknote detector, POS terminal, etc.).
• To improve safety.
• To reduce the cost of owning a solution.
• To improve the labor quality at the enterprise.
• When building a house, office.
• When repairing an apartment.
• In architectural or design designing.
• When building a new video monitoring system.
• When upgrading a video monitoring system.
• When connecting new devices to the video monitoring system.


• Drafting technical specifications
• Setting criteria such as room, standard, terminal equipment, performance, compatibility, price
• Creating an individual facility plan
• Virtual simulation to predict the surveillance area, quality, load
• Drafting a preliminary specification of the necessary equipment and work, budget coordination.
• Adjustment of results.
• Creating a project, checking the compliance of criteria and results.
• Drafting the final specification of the necessary equipment.
• Drawing up a set of cable schemes for connecting final equipment.
• Drafting working documentation.
• Order and supply of equipment.
• Deploying video monitoring system.
• Correction of results. Testing a deployed video monitoring> • Analysis and adjustment of components.
• Reporting.
• Periodic monitoring.

You get:

• Video monitoring system which can support home communication, audio and video control, local and remote access in real time, as well as the archive access with guaranteed quality.
• Video monitoring system that fully meets your needs as declared before design.
• Video monitoring system built according to the standards and requirements of the equipment manufacturer.
• Video monitoring system supplied with extended warranty.
• Only the necessary equipment to meet your needs.
• Easily changeable video monitoring system for new tasks.
• Full set of working documentation.


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