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Laurastar equipment upgrades (Version K)

Laurastar equipment upgrade it’s a service, which allows implementing the best known practice in an ironing system, as well as brand new ironing system (saves funds), also it allows upgrading the existed equipment.
Upgrade allows you to make ironing process cheaper, better, faster and safer.


From 2004 Perao works to develop home technical solutions, later our company started to work on electronic equipment for our own project, as well as independent electric appliance. Starting from 2012 we started a line of high-tech manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards. We so far are very ambitious and successful company, and we do our best to succeed in every matter that we take.

We value our customer’s credence, and strive to be very open for our existent customers and potential customers, we always ready to help should they have any questions. We value customer’s opinion, and they share any questions with us, any wishes and requests when they use our equipment.

During the Laurastar usage experience, we created a base of knowledge which contain all possible observation, but our upgrade offer has answer on all these issues.

After the upgrade, user should be able to:

Access the base functionality:
(Code: LUK-A-A1/LUK-0-A1)
Be able to turn on the “Impulse” feature. Optimum steam portions in a pulse mode.
1)Allows to produce overheated steam, to get the steam coming out of the iron nozzle with the highest possible velocity and power, this as well reduces water and electricity consumption, filters deterioration, time needed for a procedure.

2) Ability to set the steam impulse frequency. (impulse regimen turn on) 1/2/3 times per second.
Allows ironing of different fabric types, consumer has the option to choose the optimum steam portion volume for each separate case, either for thick linen, or thin silk, heavy crumpled or just needed a refreshment fabrics.

3) Automatic shutting down of an ironing system, when not in function.
Now, if leave ironing system unattended, it wouldn’t be overheated and broken. More than 15 minutes of not in use status, would cause automatic electric disconnection.

4) Fan switching off time delay (10-40 sec)
Allows you to extend the fan work, which makes fabrics and clothes positioning significantly easier, and prevents its deflation during the ironing.

5) User sound notification. Now, when you jump between regimens and features, or when you make your own program, the signal beeps. This allows to maintain and intuitive system feedback, and ensures you in a correctly acknowledged choice.

6) Embedded software upgrade over the PC connection (optional)

Extended feature set – A:
(Code: LUK-A-A2/LUK-0-A2)
1) Wash boiler Notification
Now you don’t need to calculate the time of usage, or use a stopwatch to determine needed time to wash the boiler. The system will notify you when such wash will come in need.

Extended feature set – B:
(Code: LUK-A-A2/LUK-0A-A2)
Additional boiler overheating protection
1)Allows to protect dry system usage(no water), with this feature you may not worry for warranty and system, it would be automatically disconnected when there is no water in boiler.

Extended feature set – C:
(Code: LUK-A-A35/LUK-0A-A35)
1) Ability to input or output the upgrade set. User has the possibility to turn on/off the upgrade set when it is needed.
2) Internal diagnostic system “Perao Doctor”
This allows user to save basics features of ironing equipment, to recall them in the event of a software or hardware failure, or hardware update failure.
3) User settings memory Now, all settings which were defined by user (fan velocity, steam pulse feature, fan off delay etc.), are saved after the turning off and stored for the further usage.
4) Hybrid Steam option. Continuous steam supply, automatically switched to a pulse steam supply during the prolonged consumption. It allows achieving high performance and steaming quality.
5) Built-in monitoring and statistics system
Collects usage data and analyzes its statistics, (temperature, water flow, parts deterioration, idle time, work time etc.). Whether you are a service center employee or supplier representative, this feature will make the service and usage monitoring much easier for you.

Extended feature set – D:
(Code: LUK-A-A4/LUK-0A-A4)
1) Support of remote access card LUK-WiFi.
Wi-Fi integration allows to get system access from any PC, side equipment, Apple iOs, or even Google Android systems. Such access allows viewing statistics, making ironing system flexible adjustments. This feature allows you to get fast and full information, even remotely. (for example, when you are out of office, you may control the stuff remotely)

2) Tags data card installation support NFC, LUK-NFC
Allows to scan wireless tags integrated in cloth tags (RFID, NFC)/ Allows you to save separate settings for each cloth or fabric. Such approach offers special approach, which is activated in one touch, for each item of your wardrobe.
Thanks to the identity of each clothes which you iron, you may be able to evaluate the time spend for ironing of each clothes. This feature is very foregoing for as for separate households, as well as for professionals. (beside this, our development office could offer you accounting features integration, quality control and labor monitoring features).

3) Support API – Application Programming Interface (only for LUK-WiFi version)
Third party developers provide endless integration capabilities. This feature allows you to connect the ironing system with the different automation systems (lighting control, air conditioning, security alarm, working time calculation etc.)

4) E-Mail notifications (only for LUK-WiFi version)
E-mail notifications alerts on system events. (Boiler wash alert, filter replacement, cleaning alert etc.). Equipment conditions are provided timely and accurately, offering in time alerts on system maintenance needs by e-mail or even SMS.

5) Built-in USB
USB access allows to the user or third party specialist to upgrade internal software or even get access to the device statistics.

Extended feature set – M:
1) Iron installation support Miele FashionMaster.

This is an unique ability to combine unique features of two manufacturers in one system. When you use Miele FashionMaster instead of Laurastar standard iron you get lighter iron, more compact iron, unique cell sole, all feature management are comfy located on the face iron panel (change fan regimen with the iron button, only for LUK-A-A35/LUK-0A-A35/LUK-A-A4/LUK-0A-A4).

1) Our development department could adjust the embedded software to individual customer requirements (laundry / houses farm / rental business etc.). You always has an ability to add special features, (cards user authentication RFID, NFC based, “Troika” transport cards. personal user profiles creation , time limit input, functional limit input, statistics and monitoring (through the time tracking and personal management systems).

2) Led sole temperature indicator
(code: LUK-LAMP-A1)
During heating led sole temperature indicator lights orange, when sole temperature reaches the desired level, indicator color changes to green color.

3) Iron printed circuit board with embedded iron condensation (leakage) sensor.
(code: LSB-A1)
This feature provides steam supply operation and fan functions. This equipment has backward compatibility with Laurastar. In combination with the LUK cards, it also offers condensation control inside the iron.

K Version – improved hardware modification of upgrade kits


• Laurastar equipment upgrade request made by the client
• System compliance confirmation(if system complies for the ordered service)
• Service center reception
• Diagnostics
• Client payment
• Ironing equipment upgrade
• Ironing system return to the client
• Functional periodic monitoring

You get:

Protect your equipment investment, ability to extend equipment life through the introduction of external functions.
Save more than 50% of funds, both saving on equipment purchase of personnel payroll.
More secure, fast, high-quality, comfortable ironing process.
Ability to sell even more Laurastar equipment (for Laurastar products suppliers).
Get additional income by providing modernization services (for the service center employees)



Demonstrational Video for Perao LUK (Laurasar upgrade kit)


Available for order:

Perao LUK-A4 (A) – Laurastar upgrade kit (for ironing equipment: S4e-S5-S6-S7-X1-X2-F1).
price: €233.81
Perao LUK-A4 (A0) – Laurastar upgrade kit (for ironing equipment: S4a-S5a-S6a-S7a-X1a-X2a-F1a-Pulse).
price: €233,81
Perao LUK-NFC - Laurastar upgrade kit (circuit board card for support NFC technology).
price: €48
Perao LUK Card (Full card kit A+B – 21 pcs.)
price: €80
Perao LUK Card (Card kit A – 10 pcs.) shirt, silk, jacket, jeans, shirt, T-shirt with a pattern, linen, wool / mohair, card A, card B.
price: €45
Perao LUK Card (Card kit B – 11 pcs.) pants, skirt / suit, tie, jewelry beads / sequins, table linen, lace, angora, lace, linen, C card, the card D.
price: €45
Perao LUK-SERVICE-CARD – Service card.
price: €7
Perao LIC-CARD-APP – License for use PC (Windows) application, was read and write LUK-CARD and LUK-SERVICE-CARD.
price: €2
ACS ACR122U-A9 – PC compatible device for read/write smart cards.
price: €65
Perao LUK – Laurastar upgrade kit (LED sole temperature indicate for the equipment of S and G series.)
price: €15.88
Perao LSB – Laurastar upgrade kit (iron circuit board card with the internal sensor of condensate formation, leakage)
price: €18.88
Perao LUK – Laurastar upgrade kit (service of kit installation is not needed (Basic set option)).
price: €-20.97
Perao LUK – Laurastar upgrade kit (testing set, which includes debugging and signal circuit board (for service centers and private installers).
price: €65

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