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Privacy Policy of Perao.

§1. Responsibility for Content.
The content of our website was created with great care. However, we are not responsible for the content accuracy, completeness, or relevance. We are not obligated to monitor transferred or stored external information or investigate circumstances that evidence illegal activity. Obligations to delete or block the use of information in accordance with common law remain unchanged. If we become aware of such violations, we will immediately delete this content. Please inform us immediately about the violations found on the contact information in the Contacts section of our website.

§2. Responsibility for Links.
Our resource contains links to external websites of third parties with content we have no influence on. Therefore, we cannot bear any responsibility for this external content. Related pages were checked for possible legal violations during link placement. However, permanent monitoring of the linked pages contents is not reasonable without certain evidence of a violation. We will immediately delete such links upon notification of violations.

§3. Copyright.
The content, any materials, technologies, and works on our website are subject to copyright laws.
Reproduction, modification, processing, distribution, and any exploitation of the content requires written consent of the respective author or creator.
Our website is intended for private, non-commercial use only. Since some of the links and materials on this website were not created by the administrator, the copyrights of third parties shall be taken into account. In particular, third-party content is identified as it is. Please contact us if you find content that infringes copyright or related rights on our website. We will immediately delete this content upon notification of violations.

§4. Data Protection, Privacy Policy.
Using our website is possible without providing personal data; with such use we do not collect, store, or process data of our website visitors.
When a user uses our website providing personal data, the user accepts the data processing terms.
Please note that data transmission over the Internet (for example, when communicating via e-mail or using a PC infected by malicious software) may have security vulnerabilities.
It is impossible to guarantee the complete data protection from access by third parties.

§5. Hosting.
Perao uses hosting services, in particular for organizing user access to the company's website. The hosting provider may receive some technical data.

§6. Collection of Access Data and Log Files.
We or our hosting provider collects and stores data ton access our website. The data contains information about the user's IP address, browser, date and time of the visit. This is impersonal information, so the data of visiting do not pose any danger for users.
This information can only be used to counter unfriendly actions or hackers actions against

§7. Cookies.
Cookies are small files stored on users' computers and contain various technical information. Cookies may contain information about the device where the cookie is stored. Since users personalize their devices, cookie may contain personal information. Temporary cookies or “session files” or “temporary cookies” are cookie files. Cookies are deleted after the user leaves the online resource and closes a browser. But this does not always happen, it all depends on the user's computer settings. Cookies may store access data, such as online store login options. Cookies may be “temporary” or “persistent”. “Persistent” ones are stored even after the browser is closed. For example, in order for you not to enter your registration data when visiting an online store. Cookies may also store user actions on their computer on the Internet, it is used for marketing. We may use temporary and persistent cookies.
If you do not want to store cookies on your computer, you can disable them in your browser settings. Persistent cookies can be deleted according to the procedure described by the browser manufacturer.
You fully control storage of cookies on your computer.

§8. Comments and Messages.
If a user sends us an e-mail, fills out a web form or leaves a comment, we can get information about the user IP address, browser type. This is done for safety, in order to prevent posting illegal content (insults, political propaganda, etc.), as well as malicious software.

§9. Google Analytics.
Perao can use Google Analytics from Google LLC. Information received from Google Analytics is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA.
You can request any additional information from Google LLC (

§10. Free Call Service.
We use the free call service for convenient communication with users. This service is provided Zingaya (, 2225 East Bayshore Road Palo Alto, CA 94303-3220). Using this service, you can call to our office from your computer without using a telephone.
The Zingaya provider can collect user data, such as: IP address, browser, some technical parameters of the computer, record the conversation and register its duration, maybe something else. Zingaya is located in the USA, data processing rules can be requested from Zingaya.

§11. Cloudflare Service.
We use Cloudflare services to improve website performance and security. These services are provided by Cloudflare provider (, 101 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA).
Perao uses the following Cloudflare services:
a. Content Delivery Network. This service speeds up access to information on our website. More details:
b. Cloudflare DDoS. This service protects our website from DDoS attacks. More details:
c. Cloudflare SSL. This service provides a secure, encrypted connection with users. More details:
d. Cloudflare Analytics. Cloudflare Analytics. This service enables us monitoring website visit statistics, track, and detect malicious activity. All analytics data is on Cloudflare resources. Perao does not collect or store this data.
You can find Cloudflare privacy policy at:

§12. Disqus Service.
We use Disqus services to speed up communication with website visitors. Using the Disqus service, website visitors can leave their comments and questions. We use these services at the Disqus provider (, 717 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA).
In order to leave a comment on the Perao website, the user must be registered in the Disqus system or log in according to the rules of the Disqus system using one of the popular social networks. The personal data that Perao receives are only those that the user has transferred to the Disqus system. We do not store data, they are stored in the Disqus system only. If you do not want to transfer your personal data, use pseudonyms or do not write to our forum.
You can find the Disqus privacy policy at:

§13. Jivochat Services.
We use Jivochat services to speed up communication with website visitors. Using Jivochat service, website visitors can chat with company employees in private chat rooms. We use these services at the Jivochat provider ( , 1261 Lincoln Ave. Suite 208, San Jose, CA 95125).
To start chatting with the employees of Perao, the user must click the corresponding button (Online-Chat or Consultant Online). The personal data that Perao receives is only those that the user has provided him-/herself. We do not store this data, they are stored in the Jivochat system only. If you do not want to transfer your personal data, use pseudonyms, be anonymous, or do not write us via Jivochat.
You can find the Jivochat privacy policy at:

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Privacy Policy

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