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The announcement of new article Perao

In the near future in journal “Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics” (АВОК), next article of company "Perao" will be published. Article theme - maintenance of conformity of an information infrastructure to time requirements, in conditions reduction IT of budgets.

In the publication approaches to operation of networks and systems of intellectualization of buildings, some practical recommendations which will help owners to save considerable means will be given. There are bases to assume, that on the nearest some years updating of information networks and intellectualization complexes will be is spent not by a method of replacement of structure and the equipment, and a method of modernisation or partial reconstruction with preservation of the basic part of the equipment.

The attention lack to an information infrastructure, in most cases costs to owners much more expensively than expenses for maintenance and planned modernisation of networks. IT an infrastructure as that another is necessary for a life and business conducting. If the network cannot provide modern information services - yields losses. This rule is true, as for private persons and small enterprises, so for large business and national networks.

Article will be useful to private persons, heads of the enterprises, builders, investors, the architects, all participants of the market of engineering systems in all their variety.

Article issue is planned for 1st quarter 2009, date will be informed later.

Command Perao is glad to help you to save means and to get all advantages of a reliable information network of a complex of intellectualization of a building.

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