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Cisco Systems – is a world leader in developing of telecommunications solutions. Cisco Systems nowadays presents a wide range of solutions for all the spectre of users from home users to magistral providers and for space communication. The strategy of universal communication and united network for video and voice data has become a united platform and standard, and compatibility with that strategy is a real necessity for other participants of telecommunication market. “Best for the world” – Cisco’s solutions, which meet the client’s requirements, exceeding all his expections.
Panasonic - is a leading brand of Panasonic Corporation – one of the best world electronic producers. Panasonic produces equipment of more than 15 000 items and unites more than 500 companies, plants and scientific centres throughout the world.
SSS Siedle - a family enterprise rich with traditions, which produces intercom systems of the highest quality. Range of colours, materials, and design options is very wide, and Steel-seria includes some devices, the external view of which is designed individually for every project, that makes house, office, enterprise unique, different from others.
American Power Conversion (APC) – is a world leader in sphere of equipment protection against electricity problems and overheating. Comprehensive solutions designed as for corporative as well as for home users, increase manageable, readiness and productivity of sensitive electronic, network, communicative and industry equipment of different scales. APC is famous for its production quality, innovated developments and the best service in the sphere.
Zeppelin Power Systems - Zeppelin Power Systems is Caterpillar exclusive distributor on the territory of 11 countries of Europe and CIS. ZPS covers territory of North-Western, Central and Southern part of Russia. The company provides energy solutions on the base of diesel and gas Cat® engines and generators. From 5 to 16,000 kW Cat® Power Systems are equipped to do more than just power today; they’re built to power tomorrow.
Bose - is an investigator, producer, innovator in the sphere of audio solutions. Bose is striving for perfection in everything he does, beginning from products and finishing with operation instructions. Products range of Bose is very wide, it includes equipment for entertaining sphere, domestic audio solutions, as well as for aviation, automobiles, stadiums, halls, temples, shops, hotels and restaurants.
Sonance - is a whole range of build-in acoustic systems, electronic equipment and solutions for monitoring audio technique. From the day of its foundation Sonance has been taking advanced places in sphere of architectural audio solutions. Sonance acoustic can be used where its necessary: architectural, street, landscale, ship acoustic with perfect quality.
FLUKEnetworks - a branch of FLUKE company, a recognized authority in the sphere of measuring technique. FLUKEnetworks develops solutions for network specialists and presents advanced solutions for expertise and certification, as well as for testing, monitoring and analysis of wire and wireless networks.
AMP NETCONNECT (TE Connectivity) - one of the world's largest manufacturers of passive equipment for local area networks: structured cabling systems (SCS ) and their components. NETCONNECT Business division has been created as a part of the company AMP Inc. United States. Thus, since 1941 it is known as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality electrical and optical connectors for various industries.
Interior studio “Dominanta – has been producing interiors projects since the year of 2000. “Dominanta” – is able not only to develop, but even realize the most comprehensive project, which will be in accordance to approved sketches to the smallest detail. It is a rare studio, where the interior is created with account of high-level engineering systems, not making the customer to face the choice between quality of the interior and comfort.
Acant – Architectural workshop on Yauza river, founded in 1987, it is one of the first private architectural department in Moscow. Rich with traditions family enterprise, producing projects as of small VIP-interiors, as well as large town objects.
Softkey – internet-supermarket and internet-distributor of software and services, one of the leading players in Russian market of licence software. From the moment of its foundation, Softkey has pasted a great way of development from a small crew to a company more than 100 persons and annual growth of turnover, twice as minimum. All these years the company has been taken an active part in the process of forming and developing electronic commercion and software market.
   Partnership programme Perao – is a mutual profitable partnership with different market participants aimed at increasing of satisfaction, loyalty of the customer and making an additional profit. Nowadays some directions in the cooperation are foreseen:
Components producers – partnership, meaning the supply of components for Perao’s solutions and services. Providing technical support in using, modificating, servicing the components. Certification of the company and its collaborators. Presenting an extended guarantee for the system components. Present-day partners – first of all are the world leaders in their sphere, producing the best equipment, and because of that, having realized solutions using the best equipment, we get the best product.
Design and integration – is a direction of partnership, meaning a joint work on solution between professional vendor of products and services in the sphere of design or integration of different equipment which requires compatibility with the Perao’s solution. Present-day partners – are first of all recognized specialists in their sphere, having professional knowledges of Perao’s solutions, supplied with extended list of documentation and support, that provides to concentrate on the final result during the joint work, reach the maximum quality, not loosing time for introducing into the building principals, necessary rules of equipment location, ways of monitoring, types of components.
Direct sales – direction of partnership, meaning as joint as well as self dependent work of partner on providing products and services of Perao Company. Present-day partners – are organisations or agents having an access to a great quantity of orders, having basic knowledges about Perao’s solutions, and supplied with a basic list of documentation, which makes possible to provide higher rates of realization of products and services, as well as extend the Perao’s presence and provide partners with mutual profitable partnership.
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