Complex engineering designs for houses and offices
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Perao company was founded in 2004 as a company working in the design of innovative integrated technology solutions for private houses, apartments, offices and enterprises. The profile of the Company is designing technical solutions of the highest quality, satisfying all customer requirements.
   Logo Perao can be found next to the "giants" of the market, this is due to the fact that, Perao has a partnership with global industry leaders, and has in its arsenal modern equipment, developed algorithms for solving complex technical problems that gives us a wide range of new and regular customers.
   Affiliate status of world market leaders, allows our clients to receive additional benefits, such as extended warranty products, various additional bonuses and benefits.
   The geography of our clients is wide. For you Perao has its representatives in the UK and U.S.. 
Working with Perao, you receive services from a company with an impeccable reputation since its inception and does not limit you in the requirements for high-tech services.
   The purpose Perao is offer only the best service and solutions. Each client receives a personal approach in all stages of the work. Our experts are certified professionals in their fields. We are constantly improving our skills, training and passed examinations at the centers of education of our partner companies. Technical equipment of the company, meets the highest standards in the industry. The result - solutions and products Perao created on a high professional level, with and understanding of individual customer needs and taking them into account.
   The company supplies a wide range of products and services, covering multiple technical areas, thanks to this client communicates with one company and not with a lot. Perao can be considered a single point of responsibility for the decision as a whole. Extensive specialization allows the client to use that we offer solutions and products, both in business and at home, which leads to the emergence of linkages between the various branches of engineering systems. The presence of such linkages optimizes and reduces the cost of solutions, while ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability.
   The product of the company - the technical solution - has several hundred components, many of which require the attention of the designer or architect, as well as the general designer. During the joint work between Perao and other parties there come into existence a close professional relationship. Perao undertook many ambitious projects in collaboration with leading architectural bureau. Satisfaction with the result of our work by the architect, the general designer (general contractor), for us is no less important than customer satisfaction. The result - recommendation Perao as highly professional team, a provider of quality service and reliable business partner. If our client requires the services of an architect, designer, any design or installation contractors, we are always happy to offer the services of our trusted colleagues.
   Perao instructs most of the work, requiring no special preparation, to building companies, contractors, with careful quality control on our part. The customer receives a single point of responsibility and high quality, reasonable budget, projected schedules. Choosing Perao, you get the responsible management of the engineering sections of the project.
   Perao serves as the organization of the new integrated solutions and to modernize old. Perao has accumulated great experience in designing complex technical solutions to the old cable networks (the premises where the installation of new cables is impossible).

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